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Course Description:
Delve into the world of prophecy and apostolic teachings with the enlightening course, “Understanding Prophets and Apostolic Teachings,” offered by the Church Family Centre. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the prophetic calling, drawing upon apostolic teachings to help you grasp the significance of prophets in the biblical narrative and discern your own journey in God’s plan.


Who is this for?
This course is intended for individuals who desire to gain a deeper understanding of the prophetic ministry and how it aligns with apostolic teachings. Whether you’re curious about the role of prophets in the early church or seeking insights into your personal calling, this training offers profound scriptural insights and practical applications.


Course Overview:
Module 1: Prophets in Apostolic Context
– Unpacking the role of prophets in the early church according to apostolic writings
– Exploring the interactions between apostles and prophets in the New Testament

Module 2: Characteristics of Prophetic Ministry
– Studying apostolic teachings to identify the key attributes of a true prophet
– Discovering how the prophetic gift aligns with apostolic teachings on spiritual growth

Module 3: Discerning the Prophetic Calling
– Exploring apostolic teachings on discernment and testing of prophetic messages
– Understanding the process of receiving and delivering prophetic insights

Module 4: Everyone’s Role in the Body
– Examining apostolic teachings on the diverse gifts within the body of Christ
– Discerning whether everyone can become a prophet and the different callings within the church

Module 5: Applying Apostolic Wisdom
– Integrating apostolic teachings into your personal journey of faith and purpose
– Identifying ways to contribute to the church community through the prophetic and apostolic dimensions

Q1: Can anyone enroll in this course, or is it exclusively for Church Family Centre members?
A1: This course is open to individuals seeking to understand the prophetic ministry in alignment with apostolic teachings, regardless of their affiliation with the Church Family Centre.

Q2: Can everyone become a prophet?
A2: According to apostolic teachings, while the prophetic gift is available to all believers, not everyone is necessarily called to a full-time prophetic ministry. The course will explore apostolic guidance on the diversity of callings within the body of Christ.

Q3: How do apostolic teachings contribute to the understanding of prophecy?
A3: Apostolic teachings provide valuable insights into the roles, responsibilities, and characteristics of prophets within the church. The course will delve into these teachings to offer a comprehensive perspective on the prophetic ministry.

Q4: Is this course solely focused on the New Testament teachings?
A4: While the course predominantly draws from apostolic teachings found in the New Testament, it may also reference relevant Old Testament passages to provide a holistic understanding of prophecy within biblical context.

Embark on a transformative journey of understanding prophecy through the lens of apostolic teachings with the “Understanding Prophets and Apostolic Teachings” course. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of biblical wisdom and discern your role in the unfolding story of God’s kingdom.

**Course Handout: Understanding Prophets and Apostolic Teachings**

**Module 1: Prophets in Apostolic Context**
- The Role of Prophets in the Early Church
- Interactions between Apostles and Prophets in the New Testament
- Apostolic Writings that Highlight the Importance of Prophetic Ministry

**Module 2: Characteristics of Prophetic Ministry**
- Key Attributes of a True Prophet
- Alignment of Prophetic Gifts with Apostolic Teachings on Spiritual Growth
- Identifying God's Voice in Prophetic Discernment

**Module 3: Discerning the Prophetic Calling**
- Apostolic Guidance on Discerning and Testing Prophetic Messages
- The Process of Receiving and Delivering Prophetic Insights
- Nurturing a Healthy Prophetic Gift in Accordance with Apostolic Principles

**Module 4: Everyone's Role in the Body**
- Understanding the Diversity of Spiritual Gifts
- Exploring Various Callings Within the Church Community
- Clarifying Who is Called to the Prophetic Ministry According to Apostolic Teachings

**Module 5: Applying Apostolic Wisdom**
- Integrating Apostolic Teachings into Personal Faith Journeys
- Contributing to the Church Community through Prophetic and Apostolic Dimensions
- Embracing Apostolic Principles for a Spiritually Enriched Life

- Who Can Enroll in the Course?
- Can Everyone Become a Prophet?
- How Do Apostolic Teachings Influence the Understanding of Prophecy?
- Is the Course Focused on New Testament Teachings Only?

For more in-depth exploration of these topics and to uncover the profound insights within the apostolic teachings on prophets and prophecy, join us in the "Understanding Prophets and Apostolic Teachings" course. Experience personal growth and spiritual enrichment as you journey through the scriptural foundations of prophetic ministry.

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