Family International Grid


Ministry can be a lonely place. Don’t be isolated, God is calling us to co-labor together in the advancement of His Kingdom. F.I.G. is about affirmation, affiliation. activation, training, accountability and relationship with like minded ministers.
Do you desire a higher purpose but aren’t sure what that purpose is or how to achieve it? Are you tired of searching through countless leadership books and materials trying to find what you need? You are not alone.
DEFINITION of Grid ; a number of computers linked together via the internet so that their combined power may be harnessed to work on difficult problems.
FIG Is not just another network, we are family, we prosper bot spiritually as naturally. Like the elders at Berea we aspire to bring complex situations to clarity.
Family International provide covering, counsel, apostolic oversight, and accountability relationships for like-minded leaders and ministers whom God is bringing into a covenant relationship with Apostle Andy America.


FIG Leaders

Heb je hulp nodig, wil je Jezus leren kennen of ben je op zoek naar een kerk? Wij staan voor je klaar!  “We prijzen God voor Zijn liefde en goedheid. Door Zijn genade mogen wij samen met een warm en enthousiast team Gods liefde delen in Lelystad.”    Voorgangers Randy’s en Jeanette


Renaud & Saffira Hendrik are a dynamic, innovative, and creative couple pastoring Family Centre Holland since 2021. Driving by excellence they have a simplistic and practical approach when preaching and teaching the Word of God. They are focused on addressing relevant and actual issues of this world using God’s Word to navigate them, without compromise.  Apart from their pastoral work, they are entrepreneurs active on the mountain of business.


Irino is a father, coach and a pastor.
Pastor Irino with his wife prophetess Etmien, are the visionaries and the senior pastor of Adullam Center. Irino and Etmien were born in Curaçao but now lives in Holland with their two beautiful children.They labor together to assist others to discover their mission for their lives. Pastor Irino has a radio program and is also active on other social media platforms. Together with his wife, they conduct various training to assist other to become what God had call them to be in their lives.